I am not a doctor, nutritionist, certified dietician or professional chef. I am someone who enjoys living a vegan life which includes cooking and experimenting with vegan recipes.

The advice and thoughts communicated on https://www.uncommonsensevegan.com (hereafter referred to as “the website”) on living a vegan lifestyle have worked well for me, but you may not have the same results. Please consult with your own doctor before making changes to your diet. This will be especially important if you have any illness or condition that may be affected by your dietary choices.

The recipes found on the website were created by me. The recipes as published have worked well in my own testing in my kitchen, however, your results may vary. Things like altitude, oven temperatures, specific brands of products, produce varieties etc. may yield different results than I have achieved in my testing and I am therefore not responsible for any undesired recipe outcomes resulting from these variations, nor from any typos, omissions or errors in the recipes posted on the website.

While the recipes posted do not include any animal products, they may contain allergens including, but not limited to, nuts, gluten and soy. Please read each recipe thoroughly before making and exclude any ingredients to which you have allergies or sensitivities.

I have chosen to include calories and macro nutritional information on some recipes as a courtesy. This information has been gathered through the use of the Cronomter.com application and may not be completely accurate. Different product brands and produce varieties, as well as variations in measurements can and will result in differences in nutrition information from what is stated on the recipe. Please calculate the nutrition information based on your actual product and quantity usage with the nutrition calculator of your choice.

Bottom line: Your results may vary. Please use all advice and recipes on the website at your own risk. Readers are responsible for consulting with their doctor before making any changes to their diet.