Hi, I’m Joelle.  I’ve created this blog to capture the best of the flavorful, healthy vegan meals that I love to create.  I hope you enjoy them too!

So why vegan?  

Growing up in New England, my father was an avid gardener which meant that our house was full of fresh fruits and vegetables all summer long.  My mother spent hours in the kitchen creating salads, sauces, casseroles and desserts, in addition to canning and freezing much of what we grew so that we could enjoy real homegrown food year round.  Still, meat played a central part of every meal and plant-based foods were only a fraction of my overall diet.

As an adult I discovered the gym. As a weight lifter, I spent years following the typical industry nutrition advice which, boiled down, recommends a gram of protein per pound of bodyweight, lower carbs (or carb cycling) and moderate fat.  While I don’t argue this approach, in practice it never worked for me. I never felt it was right that in order to be healthy and lean, I had to eat more meat and eggs, drink more protein shakes and avoid too many healthy fruits and grains. I went through phases of obsessively tracking macros (but never the micronutrients), only to become so frustrated by the process that I wouldn’t track at all.  Fat loss and muscle gains eluded me, and I never felt as though I could eat intuitively to give my body what it really needed.

When I switched to a vegan diet in 2017, I went all in at once, eating only whole, unprocessed foods. Within three months I’d dropped 22 lbs and felt great, which was all I needed to make the decision that this would be a permanent life change.

The ethical reasons for veganism came later for me. Documentaries on the meat and dairy industry opened my eyes to how truly inhumane it is to breed and kill animals for food and other products.

For me, a vegan diet is common sense and I haven’t looked back since making this change. It’s tasty, healthy and feels right to on every level. I hope you enjoy my blog and recipes!